On call 24/7

We help companies dealing with alerts or crises. In 2013, Arjuna managed for its clients more than 150 alerts and crisis situations.

General principle

Arjuna offers an on-call system that guarantees the intervention of a consultant 24/7.

Depending on the problem, the consultant will provide support in term of:

  • Strategic and tactical advice for controlling the situation: defining the issues, the line of conduct, contribution to the definition of the action plan, etc.
  • Organizational tips on the operation of the Crisis: team to mobilize , distribution of tasks , work organization , etc.
  • Communication advice: definition of key messages and communication plan ensures an impactful media drive, spokesperson programs, etc.


Clients who subscribe to the Arjuna “on call” service have access to Arjuna services 24/7 using a dedicated “always on”phone number.